Usa Internet Service Agreement

If you are dissatisfied with the service or related conditions, conditions, policies, policies or practices, your only recourse is to stop using the Service, terminate your account and pay the cancellation fee. Cancellation takes effect as soon as the termination is received. After the termination, the email service is interrupted and all files stored on United servers are deleted. 5. PAYMENT You will receive a single installation/activation fee depending on the level of service ordered and installed (see attached service document). A monthly fee is levied for the service based on the level of service ordered and installed (see attached service document). Current prices can be purchased at 703-443-8274 or at BroadAspect may occasionally offer certain shares with different conditions, activation fees and monthly fees. You must provide detailed information about invoices, including the name of the law, address, phone number and credit card/billing information, and immediately report any changes to this information. You are responsible for all your account fees.

If you have any questions about account fees, please contact BroadAspect at 703-443-8274. All taxes are deemed valid, unless they are challenged in writing within 60 days of clearing the accounts. No adjustments are made for fees over 60 days. The fee is charged monthly to your credit or debit card, if any, for the service and any additional use or service. BroadAspect is not responsible for expenses or expenses (for example. B for excessive accounts, exceeding credit card limits, etc.) resulting from the fees charged by BroadAspect. You agree to back up valid and up-to-date credit card information on BroadAspect at any time. If you purchase services through a reseller, the reseller will have to pay all the money due on your behalf. If the BroadAspect dealer does not pay all the amounts due, whether or not you paid the dealer, your account will be suspended or stumbled until you or the dealer has paid all the amounts due.

Accounts that are thirty (30) days after payment due result in an automatic fee of $15. Accounts that are forty-five (45) days after the payment transfer deadline result in an automatic suspension of service. To restore service, payment must be made by credit card or cheque for the full amount outstanding, including the $20 reconnection fee, and be received prior to the reintroduction of the service.

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