University Of Virginia Indirect Cost Rate Agreement

Effective August 24, 2012, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the federal authority that regulates the National Institutes of Health, has adopted new public health rules for financial conflict management (FCOI). As a result, the University of Richmond has a revised policy on financial conflicts of interest in subsidized research. In short, faculties and collaborators involved in the sponsored research are required to disclose significant financial interests that they or their family members have. They must also complete online training and certify the success of the training before applying. The full policy form, disclosure form and registration information for training are available on the Policy page of the Foundation`s Office of Corporate and Government Relations website. Institutions and administrative (R-D) or indirect costs are reimbursed for the university`s compensation for the costs of assisting in funded research and training activities. The university`s policy is to recover all indirect costs granted by a granting agency, whether public c or private. The university regularly negotiates a federal R and D reimbursement rate with the U.S.

Department of Health and Human Services. The University of Richmond`s current research and development rate, which is applied to salaries, salaries and ancillary benefits, is 52 per cent on campus and 23 per cent off-campus, which is used when more than 50 per cent of a project is carried out off-campus. Faculties preparing proposals should contact the Office of Foundation, Corporate and Government Relations to review this rate, which may change. To view a copy of the indirect agreement on the VIMS cost rate, click here: Fy 2020-21 F-A Agreement The University of Richmond`s policy is to recover all indirect costs authorized by an authorized agency, whether public or private. By recognizing the efforts required to seek and secure external funding, the university chooses 10 per cent (10%) to return the indirect costs that are recovered from faculty members who act as senior examiner (IP) for scholarships that include indirect costs associated with establishing research incentive accounts. NOTE: From now on, all proposal budgets submitted for funding with a research and development rate that does not comply with our approved collective agreement must be calculated on the total direct cost and not on the total direct cost changed, unless otherwise stated in the invitation or the PSR. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is the University of West Virginia and the WVU Research Corporation`s Gnizant Research Agency for Benefit Fringe and Benefit Rates calculated for all sponsored agreements. At least every 4 years, the JMU must renegotiate our indirect cost contract with the federal government (also called institutions and administration or overhead tariff).

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