Squarespace User Agreement

3.6. Accounts eligible for HIPAA. If your use of the Services requires you to comply with industry rules for such use, such as HIPAA, you are solely responsible for this compliance, unless Squarespace has otherwise agreed in writing. You are not allowed to use the services in a way that Squarespace would subject to such industry regulations without prior written approval from Squarespace. For example, you may not use services to collect, use, disclose, protect or otherwise treat „protected health information“ (as defined in 45 C.F.R. 160.103 in accordance with U.S. federal rules), unless your account for these services is identified as HIPAA compatible and you enter into a separate agreement with Squarespace. Other important terms in this section are contained in this section. For example, this agreement is the whole agreement between us regarding your use of Squarespace.

Depending on where you live or where you have your place of business, this agreement is subject to U.S. or Irish law. If we ever change it in a way that significantly reduces your rights, we will inform you and have the option to cancel it. If you are reading this in a language other than English, also note that the English version is controlled. Interconnecting a legal agreement on the page-foot area of a website is one of the best practices that most websites and businesses do to make their agreements accessible to the public. Since a terms of use contract is not required by law or is specifically mentioned in this section, Squarespace does not require it: here are some examples of different websites hosted on Squarespace and how they include and link their terms of use. Oscar the Grouch contains a short but concise clause that informs users that Squarespace provides specific services and may have access to personal information, but only as described in the rest of the Privacy Policy: Wide Open Road Coffee, an e-commerce store hosted by Squarespace, has linked its privacy policy under its social media buttons and with its other legal agreements on its contact information. This is a standard position because users are used to looking at the foot of a website to find all this information. Squarespace`s terms of use contain a section, Section 10.1.5, entitled „Site Terms, Policies and Legal Compliance.“ 29. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties. It replaces and excludes any prior written or oral guarantee or guarantee given by the entity to the client. Pixel Fondue contains its terms of use in its footnote area, as well as links to its privacy policy, contact page and other social links.

Squeakworks does not mention Squarespace anywhere in its terms of use contract, and that doesn`t matter. Its agreement is very short, but it contains all the important information that people who use the service need or would like to know. Wide Open Road`s robust and detailed terms of use include 20 different sections, including: The commitments and commitments of the parties made prior to the termination date of the agreement are terminated for all intents and purposes. Pixel Fondue also includes in its agreement the „Rules“ section, which defines the rules that users agree to use services or materials on molten pixels. 4.4. Squarespace Specialists. Some parts of the services can provide directories and information about independent third-party users of Squarespace, including qualified users of Acuity experts („Squarespace specialists“) who can help you use the services. Squarespace does not employ anyone, is not connected to Squarespace Specialists and does not support them. Squarespace specialists are a third-party service, as defined in section 4.1. 9. The „losses“ in this agreement relate to the following types of losses: direct, indirect, consecutive damages, losses, loss of revenue/sales, loss of value, loss of search engine classification, loss of advertising costs, loss of use, loss of data or any other intangible V

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