Puppy Payment Plan Agreement

The fact that for months of discussion of this purchase by e-mail with the breeder, these requests were never mentioned. When I paid the $1000 down payment on the puppy`s birth and specifically asked for a contract, the breeder only replied that there was a contract he had mentioned in a message talking about puppy food and other items he would provide. His casual mention that there was a contract didn`t give me the impression that it was anything other than a typical puppy purchase contract. He had months to explain that his contract was much more complicated than usual. He knew, as I told him clearly, that I would show the puppy (I thought it might be fun once or twice at my little local show at the Kennel Clubs), but that my main interest was to train him in obedience and more active activities. Anyway, I feel cheated and the breeder probably suspected that I did not want to buy a puppy with these breeder requirements included in the agreement. I think that`s why he didn`t provide a copy of the contract until the last minute and when I wasn`t able to understand and make a thoughtful decision. I had already paid $2,000, drove eight hours and had the puppy on my lap. As already mentioned, a description of the puppy`s appearance is essential. Sometimes a puppy may have rare marks, eye colors, or other characteristics. If the seller agrees that the puppy to be purchased is purebred, this must not only be indicated in the contract, but other documents must also be presented as proof. Here is an example of a general contract for the purchase and sale of puppies.

It may look like this, but you can change it by removing or adding other questions or information that are in accordance with the agreement of both parties. The buyer agrees that if at any time and for any reason he is unable to keep or care for the puppy / dog, he will be returned to the seller and no one else. The buyer`s understanding and acceptance of this condition is indicated here by its initials: __ the __(date)_______ The puppy`s sales receipt is one of the simplest contracts you can use, and its main purpose is proof of purchase. It also offers a health guarantee and promises to release AKC registration documents once the animal is neutered or neutered. It also includes accepted payment methods and down payments. If you plan to raise your puppy, this contract describes all the conditions of the agreement between the stud farm and the one to be raised. We strongly recommend that you use the puppy contracts we provided to you when buying or selling a puppy. These contracts will state everything clearly so that there are no accidents. You can also add or remove elements from the template if you need to better suit your needs.

If you sign a contract that someone else offers you, we recommend that you take the time to read it carefully so that you do not miss anything in the fine print. Be sure to indicate the payment method, the payment process and whether there will be a installment payment system with payment due dates. The health of the puppy up to the point of sale is in the hands of the breeder. An ethical breeder will have kept pace with veterinary examinations and vaccinations. You must list all medical aids, injections and medications on the contract, if any. Use this discussion to study their reaction. Are potential owners interested? Are you interested and want to know more? Do they become impatient and irritable? Use these tips to decipher if this is the kind of person you want your puppy to come home with. On the contrary, sometimes a breeder sells a puppy without even seeing a veterinarian. You must indicate that it is the buyer`s responsibility to provide medical care. Next, you`ll want to mention a section that carefully describes the distribution of the total costs for buying a puppy. And here`s a simpler model of a puppy contract that you can also modify to make it more specific to what you and the buyer have agreed on.

It is divided into different situations that can affect the puppy. The buyer undertakes to maintain the health of the puppy / dog with annual vaccinations according to the instructions of his veterinarian. There`s not much to say about it, other than payment methods that aren`t monetary. You can sell this dog, but instead of $1,000, you don`t need a cash payment, but the first choice of this dog`s next/first litter. This often happens in the entertainment world, where the puppies of champions are very important for their future compensations. Nevertheless, the primary purpose of a puppy contract should be to protect the dog. I did not see the contract and its details were not discussed with me by the breeder before paying $2000 and arriving to pick up the puppy. I saw the contract for the first time while sitting in the breeder`s living room with the puppy on my lap. I flew over it and placed it on a side table next to the chair.

The breeder gave me a pen and I signed the contract. I went home for eight hours and didn`t look at the documents for a few days. What ensures the well-being and happiness of a puppy is the time and research you invest in finding a reputable breeder. For example, if you are a breeder and want to sell your puppies to a caring and dedicated owner, take the time to provide detailed explanations about daily care such as exercise, training, feeding, and medical care. Once a training course has been delivered and completed, include the certification and trainer contacts in the puppy information package. Here`s the UK Kennel Club`s guide to what a puppy sales contract should include: we`ve described it in detail in this article, but it will give you examples of formulations you can use. It`s a must, and if you need a few things, you can copy and paste them into your own contract. Click here to download it now (this is a PDF document.) Was the puppy bred and raised to have special abilities? Some puppies come from a long line of champion show dogs or are bred for service, breeding or hunting. Be sure to list it in the contract. The Animolso puppy purchase agreement and purchase agreement are similar to the latest version, but are much simpler. Although it is not complex, it has all the important points such as a health guarantee and also describes the buyer`s agreement and describes what will happen if the buyer has to get rid of the dog.. .

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