Burton CampOn


Burton  CampOn Recap

Neither ‘‘performance camping‘‘, nor ‘‘glamping‘‘, rather something in between.

CampOn! The so called global event series hosted by Burton takes place in Europe in order to introduce their brand new durable goods-collection. On the team as well: Millhaus, as a support concerning the implementation and concept of the german event stop.

What does it take to organize such an event? Let’s kick it off easy. First off all it might be useful to find somebody who can actually build up a tent. ;)

No sooner said than done, the first Burton-tent got set up right in the middle of our working space in Munich!

Second task: Find the right location in order to run the event. After a few weeks of research we could finally call the cozy cabana “Urige Hütte” (http://www.hintergraberhof.de/die-urige-huette.html) in Lenggries our home for the next couple days.

And last: Find the right camping team. Get people out of a pr agency and the press, mix them with the Burton-team and two team riders Marco Grilc and Mikkel Bang, add a few influencers and top everything with the two lucky winners of a Burton CampOn competition. Enjoy!

After we met up at ’’Sweet Communications’’ in Munich we took the cars applied by DriveNow to Lenggries, “Urige Hütte” with their in-house jacuzzi and sauna, just saying. “Glamping”? Not at all! Just an hour later things turned out extreme while rafting in two different boats, wetsuits, helmets and a lot of fun. After two hours paddling down the Isar river to surrender in order to get something to eat. Jerome, the owner of “der Laden” and responsible for the catering during our event, had already set up a massive barbeque for us exhausted sports men and women. In order to get the right bonfire atmosphere there should not be missing the some music! Singer/Songwriter Jordan Prince from New Orleans took his time to perform his amazing music for the whole crew. Even team rider Mikkel Bang entered the stage performing together with Jordan. However, me must say, he is better snowboarding though. ;)

Later the weather became worse and we had to move into the new Burton tents from the collabo-collection with “Big Agnes”. You could call it a first real life test.

No coffee, no good morning! Thank god “emilo!” (https://emilo.de/) the best coffee roasting facility in Munich supplied us just before we started our tour with Sonja Greimel who has been working on project with Burton for the agency “LoeschHundLiepold” before. Sonja took us to the forest, in order to collect herbs and to get a better understanding of the local flora and fauna. After our tour, we took our pickings to assemble seasoned salt.

After a lunchbreak with typical Bavarian food just as “Obazda” and “Brezn” we had to leave our small paradise with a heavy heart.

We would like to thank everybody from burton and the whole crew who made this project possible at this point! It was a pleasure! CampOn!

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