Skatestation- Millhaus transforms a train station

Although a skatepark and an entrance hall of a train station seem to cause trouble, we teamed up with “Münchner Bahnhöfe GbR” in order to make the impossible possible. As the results showed, Millhaus is there to break boundaries in order to open everyone’s mind.

During the last two weeks our office neighbors and good friends from “HIGH FIVE” have been working hard in order to pass basic skateboard techniques to beginners and everyone who soughts to develop their skills. Conny Mirbach and Luciano Pecoits, two talented local skaters and photographers, used this platform to introduce their passion of this kind of sport via a photo exhibition to get things also a bit arty. ;)

Munich’s skateboard scene took their time to show their skills in open sessions every evening and left deep impressions on everybody who showed up or just passed by.

Check out the whole case including more impressions….

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