How Enforceable Are Non Compete Agreements In Washington State

Zillow Group and Compass reconcile dispute between real estate heavyweights Competition clauses Non-compete clauses protect confidential business information and customer lists from competitors. In addition to prohibiting a worker from working at the same time or narrowly for two competing employers, non-competition prohibitions may also prohibit the worker from discussing sensitive company information outside the workplace. This information may include patents, recipes, business models, inventions or names that have not yet been patented, algorithms or creative materials. On January 1, 2020, new laws restrict the application of competition rules by an employer in Washington State. Under the new law, non-competition obligations are only applicable if: workers earning less than twice the state minimum wage should not be prevented from holding additional employment (i.e. for a competitor) until the additional position raises safety issues or affects the employer`s normal planning expectations. The law finds that the ability to hold additional employment „does not change the worker`s obligations to the employer,“ „including the obligation of the general age of loyalty and laws to avoid conflicts of interest and the corresponding policy that deals with those obligations.“ It remains to be seen how the courts will use this suspension and restrictive restrictions and whether, for example, a worker will be able to work at the same time for competitors as long as he claims to maintain his „loyalty“ to both employers. As a general rule, a garden leave clause provides that the employer continues to pay the salary and benefits of a former worker during the period following the end of the employment, while competition continues to apply. Under Washington`s new non-compete law, employers who dismiss a worker must pay compensation equal to the basic salary of the laid-off worker at the time of dismissal for the duration of the performance (minus the compensation obtained by another job during the enforced execution). HKM Employment Attorneys LLP can help you if you are faced with an inappropriate non-compete clause.

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