Harford Community College Articulation Agreements

Texas Public Universities. An articulation agreement is a series of transfer plans between two institutions that allow for a precise and efficient transfer between institutions. The transfer plan is a provision by both the Community College and the university, where courses taught as part of a plan are directly charged to a student`s core subject at the university. These plans are also called 2+2 agreements, i.e. the first two years at the People`s University and the last two years at the university. HCCS students can expect a „smooth“ transfer and maximize the transferability of course work by applying the university`s transfer plan. NOTE: An established transfer plan ensures that courses are transferred to a specific core subject at the transfer institution of your choice. However, the student should check with the university to find out if they have the latest update. The De Baltimore Student Exchange (BSEP) program allows qualified Goucher students to take bachelor`s courses offered at other colleges during the fall and spring semesters. At the end of the semester, students` credits and grades are submitted by the host institution to Goucher. In addition, HCCS students are solicited in our higher education institutions. Several of our transfer universities report that HCCS students who change with an associate degree scored at a GPA level of 3.1 after the transfer. To promote transfer, universities have offered different scholarships in this publication.

These scholarships are only available to transfer students who have completed fifty or more transferable semester hours. Some schools prefer students who have completed an associate degree before the transfer. Many awards are based on academic achievements, leadership, and community and college activities. Telephone numbers and/or addresses are attached for questions, deadlines and applications. If you need to change institutions before completing your HCCS Associate Degree, you can do so. You may also be able to „return“ credits purchased by another institution to meet your Associate Degree requirements. A student can „return“ up to 42 credit hours at the university level within three years of graduating from the CS HCCS.

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