Gcp License Agreement

16.13 Full agreement. This agreement sets out all the conditions agreed between the parties and replaces all other agreements between the parties regarding their purpose. At the time of the conclusion of this agreement, neither party relied on a declaration, insurance or guarantee (negligence or not) and neither party will have any right or recourse, except that expressly defined in this agreement. The terms and conditions that are indicated in a URL, which are indicated in this Contract and in the Documentation, will be included in the Agreement by reference. After the effective date, Google can provide an updated URL instead of any URL in this contract. 3.2 Third-party licensing conditions. Some components of the software (including open source software) may be subject to separate licensing agreements provided by Google with these components. „TSS“ refers to the technical support and support service provided by the partner or Google to the customer under Google TSSG (cloud.google.com/terms/tssg/) or partner support contract (www.ancoris.com/terms/ancoris-google-cloud-platform-support-services/). These service-specific terms and conditions are incorporated into the agreement under which Google has agreed to make the Google Cloud platform (described under cloud.google.com/terms/services) available to the customer (the „agreement“).

If the agreement authorizes the resale or availability of the Google Cloud platform as part of a Google Cloud partner or reseller program, all customer references under the specific terms of the service are synonymous with partners or resellers (if any) and all references to customer data under specific service conditions. Wholesale terms that are used in service-specific conditions, but are not defined, have the meaning given to them in the agreement. We grant you a personal, global, free, non-refundable and non-exclusive license for the duration of your subscription for the use of the software we provide you as part of the Services. The sole purpose of this license is to enable you to use and benefit from the services we provide in the manner authorized by these conditions, the subscription contract and the purchase order. You cannot copy, modify, distribute, sell or sell some of our services or content software, or redevelop the source code of this software or attempt to extract it, unless the laws prohibit these restrictions or you have our written permission. 3.4 Third-party components. Components Third parties (including open source software) of services may be subject to separate licensing agreements. To the extent that a third-party license expressly replaces this agreement, that third-party license regulates the customer`s use of this third-party component. 2.3 Service changes. Subject to Section 2.4 (Deprecation Policy), Google may make changes to services that may include adding, updating or upgrading services or service parts or functions and will notify the customer of significant changes, provided the customer subscribes to Google to be notified of changes to the Services.

The use of new features or functions may depend on the customer`s consent to additional conditions. We all agree to a contract in English. If we provide a translation of the conditions, we do so only at your convenience and English conditions exclusively govern our relationship.

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