Epa Pesticide Repackaging Agreement

This would allow the product to be used in all crops in the pebble fruit group for which a tolerance or exemption has been established. Therefore, if no plant category is listed on the label, the use of the pesticide product is limited to the food plant species listed on the label. Pesticides should not have marked expiry data unless it is established that the formulation significantly alters the chemical composition (40 CFR 156.10 (g) (6) (i)). A one-year inventory stability study is one of the chemical product data requirements that a product must meet in order to obtain registration (40 CFR 158.310, Guideline No. 830.6317 or 40 CFR 161.190, Guideline No. 63-17, as required). If the results of this study show that the product is not stable for a period of one year, an expiry date may be necessary. Where an expiry date is required, the following statement must appear prominently on the label: `No to sale or use after [date]. The Agency does not regulate service containers when they are used by applicators to provide a pest control service without leaving unloaded pesticides to its customers and therefore does not require identification of the service container (FIFRA Section 2 (gg). The EPO recommends that the user identify the material in the container in the event of an accident or spill. The applicator is also responsible for meeting all other labelling requirements imposed by other laws. If the applicator leaves a service container for a customer to apply later, the applicator must register the pesticide left out and the service container must bear a full marking….

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