As Per Our Agreement French Translation

Our translation services are independently monitored and comply with iso9001 and the European translation standard EN15038. All you need is to confirm by email, go by credit card or PayPal and the project will start. One of our specialist translation project managers will keep you informed at all times of the progress of your project and will provide you with the translated files or provide you with a link so that you can download them with our signature download process. We will always keep a copy of your data so you can retrieve it in the future. We have developed huge databases so that all our translators and clients are inspired and able to benefit from previous human translations. Why pay for a sentence that has been translated before? With millions of sentences in our ActivaTM, you benefit from advanced computer support tools (CAT tools, not to be confused with machine translation) that allow us to apply significant discounts in large translation projects or texts with many similar phrases o repeated. Why pay for total penalties if you translate small differences? Each French translation is carried by a local translator, a linguist who can translate into French as a native language translator, but who also speaks fluent English. All of our translators have been approved either after tests or proof. This ensures that we will only use French English translators with a deep understanding of both languages. I also guarantee that the work will be of good quality at the source, but that it will always be verified independently of a second translator, so that the text will read perfectly and without any trace of its original in French – or in English, if you need French in English translation.

Pangeanic translations are used every day around the world, so companies, organizations and institutions can communicate and do business anytime and anywhere. The translator`s work must be invisible, a good translation should never look like a translation. French translations, precise, precise and giving a sense of elegance in the target language, must be precise, precise and communicated. The final documents must be read as if they were originally written in French. Communication in French is of the utmost importance in today`s business world, from launching an application in French-speaking markets, from PSRs in French, to commercial brochures in French or when you translate a company`s website into French. Pangeanic is firmly committed to translating into translation. We offer state-of-the-art translation memory technologies, databases and French dictionaries that we have developed.

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