FC Bayern München Basketball – Brand Identity


FC Bayern München Basketball

Development and Implementation of a new Brand Identity

2017 - 2018

Development and implementation of a new brand identity as well as corresponding communication and activation concepts.

A new brand identity was developed to help the basketball players to consciously and stringently differentiate themselves from the footballers of FC Bayern on a contextual, visual and experiential level and to further develop the club as a brand. The primary goals of the reorientation were to rejuvenate the brand by shifting the communicative focus to the target group of the ‘Millennials’ as well as to develop guidelines for the own brand communication and the partners’ activation.

A comprehensive market analysis showed that basketball clubs in Germany focus their communication primarily on sports-specific topics.
The values of basketball culture – equality, creativity, self-realization and urbanity – only play a subordinate role. In addition, focus group interviews showed a high intersection between basketball culture and the values of millennial target groups.

The developed brand values, positioning and brand behavior guidelines are thus based on the common values of the club and the basketball culture, the enabler role of the FCBB and the expectations of modern target groups.

FC Bayern Basketball’s new brand identity focuses on an intensive and lived identification with and responsibility towards its own city. Together with local creative people and social initiatives, the values of basketball culture are to be brought to life off the court – for a world like the court, with a society like a team.

Clear and strong messages generate identification and emotion. Relevant brand stories create content that goes beyond sports reporting.


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