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Conception, creative lead and event design for the activation of the global brand campaign “Creativity is the Answer” in the adidas key city Berlin.

The adidas football hotspot The BASE became the Creator Base during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The location, normally dedicated to Berlin’s youth and street kickers, offered every conceivable freedom for creativity, craftsmanship and subculture thanks to insta-worthy branding and a fully equipped fashion studio. Over ten crews from the fields of sports, music and lifestyle gave their ideas free rein. Among others, the guys from the music video production EASYdoesit, the DJ team Drunken Masters, the skateboarders from Civilist, the creative agency goalgirls, the musicians’ collective einhundert as well as the rapper Gringo used digital tools, analog experts and their own hands to create individual jerseys that reflect the identity of their crews.

Furthermore, the crews get the opportunity and means to use “The BASE” for a day according to their ideas and to integrate their community. That way the base became a skatespot, a workshop location for girls, an eSports arena, an internet radio club and a Mexican hangout spot with a Mariachi band.

The resulting content was played via the adidas channels and used for digital OoH banners. Crews like SLS Music or Panna Match BLN were also seen in their self-designed jersey as larger-than-life projections on the walls of houses in their neighborhoods.

The relevance and authenticity of the “Creator Base” was reflected in the willingness of the participating crews to share the resulting content via their own channels and thus extend communication into the community. 70% of the online impressions achieved are earned media.

act.3 was responsible for the on-site implementation, JvM Sports took over the social media communication for adidas.


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