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Implementation Plan This plan outlines how partners will work together to achieve results on the priorities of the Single Outcome Agreement. Here you will find the draft city-wide implementation plan. [394kb] Achieving our goals will be a challenge in the current period due to the limitation of public sector spending. It is recognized that new ways of thinking are needed for all partnerships in order to achieve better results, both for residents and for service providers. The Glasgow Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) is an agreement between the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership (GCPP) and the Scottish Government, which sets out common priority outcomes for Glasgow and how the GCPP will strive to achieve these goals. Our SOA is a 10-year plan that defines the added value that partners can achieve by planning, procurement and providing services with local communities. In July 2008, each Scottish Council developed a Single Exchange Agreement (SOA) in collaboration with local planning partners. He outlined planned improvements for the local sector and their contribution to the Scottish Government`s 15 national results (for more information on national results, visit the Scotland Performs website). In 2009, the Local Planning Partnership formalized a second version of the agreement confirming the 24 local results planned for the city through 2010/2011. Each year, the Council reports on progress in the results of the unit result agreement. On our Access, Learning and Results page, you`ll find details about the managers of the outcome agreements.

The CFS provides guidance on specific national performance criteria. For more information on the 2013 Framework Agreement, visit the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership website. To see our framework agreement-result and our progress report, please select the corresponding link below: the introduction of the SOA has been associated with a reduction in the funding restrictions imposed by the Scottish Government on local planning partnerships, which has allowed for greater flexibility in the objective of resources based on local priorities and needs. Priority 2 – High Quality Learning and Teaching: An excellent learning system that is accessible and varied, where students succeed with the ability to make ideas and ambition to make a difference They can combine each of the following types of research to reduce your research Lanarkshire Outcome Agreement 2019-20 Date: 20/01/2020. Priority 4 – More innovation in the economy: a national culture of business and innovation that leads to a more productive and sustainable economy. The university`s agreement with the Scottish Funding Council is developed in partnership with the SFC and explains how the university intends to contribute to the implementation of the Scottish Government`s priorities. . Crichton Campus Consolidated Outcome Agreement 2019-20Date: 12/08/2019 2018-19 | | 2017-18 | 2016-17 | 2015/16 2014-15 / 2014-17 | 2013-14 . Instructions on the steps to complete the outcome agreement round for AY 2020-21 [PDF] . Full list of all results agreements published since 2016 (you can get the list by date, region and sector) Priority 1 – Extension of access: accessible learning: learning, which is accessible and diverse, greater equality of opportunity for people of all ages, communities and all origins, gives priority 3 – The first world research: the world`s largest universities, associated with a worldwide reputation for their research.

The Gender Action Plan sets out the steps the university will take to eliminate gender imbalance in certain disciplines and bridge the gender gap in education. For more information, please contact Dr. Hulda Sveinsdottir. . Outcome agreements define what universities and universities want to do in exchange for their funding.

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