Agreement Between A Company And Its Branch Manager

The Company and the Agent want to enter into an agreement under which the agent will market and sell the product on the terms and conditions. Amherst Students Association (AAS) Office of the Treasurer and Budgetary Committee ACCORD FOR CONSULTING SERVICES This agreement is reached between the Amherst Students Association (Association) 7 Laws, Regulations and Codes that are mandatory or applicable to mortgage bankers and credit issuers in accordance with applicable laws and which display all mandatory compliance notices. Branch Manager is required to manage certain records of accounts, logs and other business files (hereafter books and data records), as announced by management. These books and recordings are and will remain the property of the employer during and beyond the duration of the agreement. Employer representatives may, during normal business hours, consult the branch`s accounts and records to confirm the accuracy of the accounts provided by the branch and to verify that the branch manager is in compliance with the provisions of this agreement. Branch Manager undertakes to submit to the employer all other reports that the employer may request from time to time within a reasonable time after the employer`s request. Any changes to this agreement must be made by the employer and the branch manager and replace all other agreements between and between the parties. Section IX RECAPTURE OF PREMIUM (B) In the event that a fixed income mortgage from the branch is paid by the branch within one year of the closing date of the mortgage and the investor requires that a proportionate portion of the premium be repaid to the investor, this proportional repayment is deducted from the branch`s profit account against the amount received under the loan. The amount of the premium deducted from the branch`s profit account is one-twelfth (1/12) of the initial premium amount for each total or partial month that remains for the one-year period following the closing date or, in the case of a refinancing, from the date of payment. The initial amount of the premium for the purposes of this section is the amount that the employer paid into the branch`s profit account at the time of closing, which was greater than the outstanding principal and interest accrued for such a loan.

This amount is expressed as a percentage of the outstanding principal balance. In a case where a premium has been paid by the employer for a group of loans on the branch`s profit account, instead of an individual loan in that group, the percentage paid for the group as a whole is multiplied by the principal balance of each loan at the time of purchase. The deduction of the profit account branch in this section is considered Branch Expense for the calculation of the Branch Manager commission. In the event that a loan taken out by the branch with an adjustable interest rate is paid within the first two years after the closing of the subsidiary and the investor requires that a portion of the premium granted to the pro-rata be repaid to the investor, so that the repayment proportional to the amount obtained under the loan is deducted from the subsidiary`s benefit account. The amount of the premium to be deducted from the subsidiary`s profit account follows the following schedule: 7 1 BRANCH MANAGER AGREEMENT THIS AGREEMENT is on this day of 2001 by 12 nd Mortgage Co. of N.J., Inc. (employers) and (Branch Manager) in section I TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT Employers is employed by branch manager and employment branch manager with employers.

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