Aep Owner Agent Agreement

Landowners may use property in an easement for a wide range of uses, including; AEP may refrain from setting up a new service on a property where there is intervention or prohibited activities. AEP may also require an owner to eliminate an intervention at the owner`s expense. The company discusses with the landowners the service rights and the specificities of the project, including: AEP Transmission acquires the necessary easements through negotiation and cooperation with the landowners, as long as it is possible to conclude a voluntary agreement. Only when it is not possible to reach a voluntary agreement and there are no viable alternatives will the final option of exercising the right to an exceptional area be pursued. Eminent Domain is defined in the U.S. Constitution and state law. If a property is taken by an important estate, the land is condemned and the owner receives fair compensation. The company works with landowners every step of the way. AEP strives to reconcile the concerns and preferences of landowners with the need for electricity infrastructure in the search for rights of way. AEP also pays for damage to crops and/or property damage resulting from the construction and/or maintenance of the transmission line. Examples of prohibited service interventions are:. The use of an exceptional domain authority by AEP is the exception rather than the rule.

Eighty-eight per cent of easement negotiations were successful. AEP Transmission recently acquired more than 3500 easements, for a total of 906 miles of transmission lines – for projects approved by local authorities in several states. Of these packages, only 61 (or 1.71 percent) required the use of an exceptional domain. In some of these cases, acquisition by an important field was necessary simply because the country lacked a clear title, so a conviction was necessary. Any thing or activity likely to affect the safe and reliable operation of transmission installations shall be classified as intervention and shall be prohibited under the conditions of priority purchase. AEP will defend the easements it has acquired in order to ensure reliable operation of its transmission system….

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