We activate brands with meaningful stories, brand experiences, sponsorships and brand partnerships using our guts, brains and passion.


We want to make the world more interesting by promoting eye-level communication between brands and modern target groups so each can experience benefits that they would otherwise not have been able to access.


  • Alexander Schwan Portrait big

    Alexander Schwan

    Co-Founder, General Manager & Head of Sport

  • Jan Mikes

    Co-Founder & General Manager

  • Bianca Macht

    Operations Executive

  • Jakob Merten

    Creative Director

  • Timo Kuroschinski

    Creative Executive & Head of Music (ext.)

  • Ines Bugner

    Senior Project Consultant

  • Thomas Reißmann

    Senior Project Consultant

  • Lisa Uttinger Millhaus

    Lisa Uttinger

    Senior Project Consultant

  • Julia Leeflang

    Senior Strategist

  • Emanuel Walter

    Creative Executive

  • Laura Lechner

    Seniro Art Director

  • Stijn Jonckheere

    Art Director

  • Otto Kron

    Graphic Designer

  • Christian Reetz

    Project Consultant

  • Lisa Tran

    Project Consultant

  • Kirill Saratovskiy

    Project Assistant

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