Ray-Ban – Polarized Tour



Polarized Tour

2013 & 2014

A series of concerts staged throughout German cities intended to sharpen the brand perception of the target audiences whilst simultaneously publicising their Polarized Lens Technology. Tour stops also provided an opportunity to invite retailers and carry out product training courses.

The tour was staged over two consecutive years as an authentic music experience with credible brand and product integration. The tour’s success was down to the fact that it was primarily oriented around the needs of the artists and customers while the brand itself acted as a reserved host.

  • Concept

    • Music Marketing Concept
    • B2B Concept
    • Brand Activation
    • Communication Concept
    • Experiential Concept
  • Creative Production

    • Artwork Design
    • Branded Content
    • Branding Design
    • Content Creation
    • Content Production
    • Copywriting
    • Merchandise Design
    • POS Tools/Materials
  • Partnerships

    • Artist Partnerships
    • Dealer Partnerships
    • Label Collaborations
  • Execution

    • Artist Bookings
    • Brand Experiences
    • Concert Production
    • Consulting
    • Dealer Event Production
    • Limited edition music releases
    • Merchandise Production
    • Product Experiences
    • Sales Marketing
    • Tour Management
  • PR & Media

    • Media Cooperations
    • Press Kits
    • Public Relations
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  • Briefing
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