We are radical explorers, smart planners and uncompromising idealists. We develop and implement innovative, authentic and effective communication concepts on behalf of brands.


We are empowering brands to earn the attention and trust of self-determined people through guts, brains and passion.

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  • Jan Mikes

    Co-Founder & General Manager

  • Alexander Schwan Portrait big

    Alexander Schwan

    Co-Founder, General Manager & Head of Sport

  • Bianca Macht

    Operations Executive

  • Jakob Merten

    Creative Director

  • Timo Kuroschinski

    Creative Executive & Head of Music (ext.)

  • Michelle Jordan

    Senior Project Manager

  • Ines Bugner

    Senior Project Manager

  • Thomas Reißmann

    Senior Project Manager

  • Stefan Floß

    Communications Manager & Copywriter

  • David Benedek

    Creative Director & Head of Design (ext.)

  • Julia Böller

    Senior Strategic Planner

  • Philip Röder

    Strategic Planner

  • Ben Bartel

    Art Director

  • Otto Kron

    Graphic Designer

  • Sina Köstler

    Senior Project Manager

  • Sabrina Keller

    Project Manager

  • Andreas Ehrnthaller

    Junior Project Manager

  • Linda Göhl Millhaus

    Linda Göhl

    Junior Project Manager

  • Christian Bach

    Senior Creative Consultant (ext.)

  • Julia Städtler

    Senior Project Consultant (ext.)

  • Max Perschen

    Project Assistant

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